Best Practices

Best Practices that tested the time

Over the years the organizations has introduced various practices in relation to values, programme development and implementation, management, personnel, resources and their utilization, etc.

Some of these practices are contextual and lasts for a short time.

But there are some practices which have relevance beyond time space context and deserve consideration as valuable filed learning.

Driven by Grass Root Staff

An organization’s values get reflected in its being and actions of its management team and core staff.

PATH is a small grass root level organization staff, especially the organization remain small and functions. The management team provides their professional and technical support to the organization totally free of cost as their contribution to vulnerable section of the society.

Simple Lifestyle Of Staff

The core team of staff takes a salary, but often lesser than what is the market rate and makes much more contribution that what is their mandated duty.

The office of the organization is situated in the midst of people with whom and for whose benefit programmes are conducted. Seeing the conditions and problems of people staff happily work with minimum facilities and conveniences.

While new management is elected and new staff is recruited what is considered is not only their professional qualifications and technical skills but also their attitude towards vulnerable sections of society and willingness to contribute their share to change the situation. The staff accepts a lifestyle which can serve a model and inspiring.

The organization functions with minimum necessary assets and facilities. Of course whether the values on which these practices have their foundation would be shaken by the emerging market economy and related culture is a challenge.

A Family Approach With Constant Training

The organization developed its management through a process of swinging between what may be called ‘formal’ and ‘family’ style of management. Duties and responsibilities for the staff is defined with provision for creativity and initiatives.  Whenever short coming in the performance of individual the responsible staff counsels and guides rather than giving warning and punishments.

Transparency And Integrity In Every decision & action

Programmes were evolved through a process of discussion with various stakeholders. There is full transparency in the organization. Periodic meetings and get-together helps team building. Individual staff development and growth is promoted by arranging opportunity for study and training whenever possible the organization helped individual staff members to address their problems. The organization availed to maximum extent the community personnel and infrastructure resources.

Individual Accountability

The organization functions as a team respecting the authority and responsibilities of persons holding different positions.