Our Grass Root Level Staff

Our GRASS ROOT LEVEL STAFF is the oil that lights this organization.

Their selfless dedication and leading a simple life is what distinct us from other organization.

The core team of staff takes a salary, but often lesser than what is the market rate and makes much more contribution that what is their mandated duty. The office of the organization is situated in the midst of people with whom and for whose benefit programmes are conducted. Seeing the conditions and problems of people staff happily work with minimum facilities and conveniences.

While new management is elected and new staff is recruited what is considered is not only their professional qualifications and technical skills but also their attitude towards vulnerable sections of society and willingness to contribute their share to change the situation.

The staff accepts a lifestyle which can serve a model and inspiring. The organization functions with minimum necessary assets and facilities.


The General Secretary

The General Secretary is the CEO in Charge of the Organization

Alphonsa  Sequeira has joined the organization as a student volunteer, when she was 16yrs old.Last 29 yrs she has been the worked in almost all programs of the organization.

Receiving unparalleled mentoring, training from Chackosir, she assumed the leadership of the organization in the year 2008 and presently functions as the General Secretary. Her main role is to lead the team to achieve the objectives through various programmes and activities