Founder – A True Social Worker

Late Mr.K.T. Chacko (1940-2019)

A true social worker
A visionary thinker
A silent catalyst
An excellent mentor
A wonderful counselor
A practical person
Always ready to take new challenges…..

K.T.Chacko (Chacko Sir) was a true social worker led a very simple life with great values. He founded the organization called People’s Association for Training and Health (PATH) in the year 1987 in Mumbai. The core objective to help the last section of the society and capacitate them with required skills and knowledge to face the life better gets reflected in every approach and program undertaken by him. He adapted various core values for the organization such as honesty, transparency, accountability, simplicity, etc. which he has imparted gradually to the team associated with him. He always undertook programmes to have long lasting impact on the society. He was very brave to refuse funds which called for compromising of his values.

He was also an excellent writer which he didn’t give even during his illness. He has the credit of few articles published in various periodic and Journals. He was an excellent mentor who trained number of people associated with him not only on the professional but also on life skills. His simplicity and down to earth approach inspired not the people associated but the community where he worked. His politeness in welcoming all with a secular approach  and humility always got reflected in his relation with people.

He always worked for the rights of the people such as housing, sanitation, health etc. His active participation in mass slum demolition in 2005 will be remembered for the pain he felt with affected people.