Pre-School Education Program (Balwadi)

This program aims to address the educational needs of the children of the socio-economical background communities in the slums of Mankhurd. These are mainly the migrants from rural Maharahstra and north India came to Mumbai to make a living. Living in the slums with minimum basic amenities, struggling with meager income from vending and hawker jobs, education doesn’t find a priority for their kids.

Pre-school is the place where children build their foundation for learning. But many parents are not convinced of it. But even those who are convinced that pre-school is important they consider it the primary leaning of language and counting. They are not willing to change their concept of pre-school. They are in need of demonstration of what it is and how it functions.

About 60 pre-school students and their parents are target group. The program is planned with parents and periodically received with them.

Parents accept pre-school as foundation of learning for children and program suitable for it.

The indicator is findings of a questionnaire filled by parents at the end of academic year.

The objective is overall development of a child and preparation for schooling. Parents’ full participation and collaboration is both a method and an objective.

The indicator is the yearly assessment record.

An unplanned possible outcome is that parents demand similar program and output from other Balwadies


  1. Intake of students
  2. Class activities and teaching
  3. Home visits
  4. Parents Meetings
  5. Seminars, Workshops and Exhibitions