Tobacco Awareness Program

Main Objectives Of this Program:

  1. To create awareness about the ill effects of tobacco users
  2. To create willingness to quit the tobacco use
  3. To provide support in cessation of Tobacco use
  4. To involve families in the de-addiction process
  5. To create volunteers among them to spread the awareness.

Two Programs have been in progress under Tobaccco Awareness Program

Tobacco Free School

The project focuses on creating awareness among the School Children regarding ill effects of tobacco consumption our health, study, life, families, economic and social.

The program will be implemented by teachers in school. NGO would provide support and expertise in training and assist effective execution of programme in schools.

This programme is done in collaboration with SBF and NSF. The Module created by SBF is used in this program.

IN PIC : Training of Teachers

Objective :-

In-School Tobacco control programme is to create young tobacco control advocates equipped with life skill to fight comman enemy of Tobacco.

  1. Creating awareness on negative effects of using tobacco containing products and substance abuse.
  2. Prevention of such practices by potential users and giving up of such habits by present users.
  3. Developing life skills needed to refuse Tobacco.
  4. Empowering children to become advocates change in their communities.

Permission  & Tobacco Awareness Session :-

We visit 95 school in our working area but 17 schools agreed for the project. Each school we visited three time and conducted awareness programme for the Principle and teachers.

  1. Principal Meeting – 17-01-2019 and 18-1-2019 in Cheetah Camp and Ekta Nagar Center.
  2. Nodal teachers workshop – 30-01-2019 Ekta Nagar office.
  • We invited all 17 School Principle for this meeting but 13 Principle attend meeting.
  • We personally meet all 4 schools Principle and explain our project and Nodal Teacher workshop information.
  • Nodal Teachers workshop conducted on 30-01-2019 in Ekta Nagar.
  • 4 Nodal Teachers not attended workshop but we individuality gave the details of workshop.
  • 18-02-1-2019 we conducted workshop in Kendra Vidyalaya , Mankhurd.
  • 8th,9th and 10th std student attended.
  • Total 120 student present.

Activities :-

  • Student Work Shop – 15 School Conduct
  • Oath –  14 School Conduct
  • Balpanchayat – 14 School made Balpanchayat
  • Drawing Competition – 6 school conducted Drawing competition
  • Drama          – 2 school conducted Drama competition
  • Essay writing – 1 school conducted Essay writing competition
  • One school balpanchayat and his Nodal teacher daily update school notes board sum Massage and drawing.

 In School Tobacco control activity workshop attendance:-

Sr.No. School Name Total Students attendance
1 Sir  Sayyed English High School 203
2 Crescent High School 145
3 Azad Urdu School 97
4 Ideal High School & Junior (Girls) 287
5  Ideal High School & Junior(Boys) 326
6 Kendra vidyalaya 98
7 Netaji Subhash Chandra bose 334
8 Shedge High and English School 85
9 Maharashtra Balvikas 134
10 Al-Fathima Urdu School
11 St.Royal English School
12 Sungrace Convent School & Jr.College 165
13 Bharat Nagar Urdu HGS. 312
14 Tasneem Urdu School 58
15 Aadarsh Bhootpurva Sainik High School 167
16 Vidyavikas  School
Total 2411

Challenges and Learning:-

    • Time spend on BMC school went in vain as later as BMC school were taken out of the ambit of the project
    • A lot of schools didn’t entertain any NGO and were not welcoming to have an NGO partner
    • Due to the programme already being implemented in some schools of the areas, other new schools had to be identified for the purpose of the project
    • Some of the Nodal officer showed zero confidence in the project. One of the challenges was to get their trust regarding the implementation of the project
    • One school was not ready to share the pictures and work in association with the NGO to conduct various awareness generating activities

2. Tobacco Awareness among Rickshaw drivers

This Program is currently started.